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Bio: Welcome to my Lone Star corner. I belong to a new generation of principled, old-fashioned conservatives, who believe that liberty is fragile and must be protected, that government must be constrained by the Constitution, and that the majority cannot simply do whatever it wants. A passionate conservative, I am heavily involved in, as a director, member and/or a volunteer of: • Texas Grassroots Coalition • Grassroots Advisory Committee for TC Glenn Hegar • East Texans for Liberty • We The People – Longview • FreedomWorks Texas • Republican Women of Gregg County • Republican Club of Gregg County • Republican Women of North East Texas • VOCAL • Grassroots America – We The People Grassroot Experience: • Campaigned for Former Solicitor General Ted Cruz in his Texas U.S. Senate race • Senator Cruz's 'Kitchen Cabinet' • Director of the Gregg County ‘Get Out The Vote’ - 2012 • East Texas Liaison for Governor Rick Perry - 2013 • North East Texas Coordinator for FreedomWorks 'Come and Take It’ – 2013 • Volunteer social media primary support for Matt Rinaldi for State Representative in House District 115 - 2014 • Volunteer social media support for Bob Hall for State Senate District 2 - 2014 • Volunteer social media support for Matt Schaefer for re-election for House District 6 - 2014 • Volunteer for Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General - 2014 • Stars of Texas Fall Celebration: Ken Paxton and Friends - 2014 An outspoken Marine mom seeking to connect with other God fearing, liberty seeking, and principled individuals in an effort to support one another in combating the progressive movement that seeks to stifle our U.S. Constitutional rights. An unapologetic supporter of the U.S. Constitution ROCKSTAR Senator Ted Cruz, my first political crush Representative Louie Gohmert, the ever so diplomatic State Representative David Simpson and the exceptional teachers of the great state of Texas. I hold close my family time, my beautiful Christian sisters, gardening, football, and mediating in the word of our Lord. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StacyMcMahan Twitter: http://twitter.com/StaceinTexas" Blog: staceintexas@wordpress.com Thank you and God Bless, Stacy McMahan

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