Understanding the Threat

Last Friday, my dear friend, Marty and I attended a meeting on “Understanding the Threat.”  It was very revealing.  I highly recommend this to anyone who has an opportunity to get these gentlemen out to your area.

Muslims Targeting U.S. Churches


St. Peter & Paul Chapel in Cairo Bombed by Muslims in November 2016 killing 25 Christians

In the shadow of the savage killing of a priest by muslims during Mass in Normandy, France (July 2016) and the bombing of St. Peter and St. Paul chapel – a part of St. Mark’s Coptic church in Cairo, Egypt – four weeks ago, UTT has received reports in the last several weeks from law enforcement, pastors, and citizens revealing muslims are conducting pre-operation surveillance inside U.S. churches during services.

The information received by UTT from different states indicates the manner of the surveillance is similar in each case.

Two muslim males will come into a church during the service and sit together in the back of the church.  They will often take pictures and record video.  When approached by concerned ushers they will either tell their questioners they are “interested” in becoming Christians or they will run.

This information has been passed to appropriate law enforcement officials, and UTT is aware of a joint investigation between local police and the FBI in at least one of the cases.

Relatedly, in February 2016, an FBI criminal complaint for Khalil Abu-Rayyan was filed in Eastern District of Michigan alleging he was a muslim who wanted to wage jihad in the U.S., and specifically quoted Abu-Rayyan as confessing his plan to kill Christians at a large church.

The affidavit for the complaint states Abu-Rayyan told an FBI Undercover (UC) “I don’t know the name of it (church), but it’s close to my job.  It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit…a lot of people go there.  Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church.”

Abu-Rayyan told an undercover FBI employee attacking a church would be “easy…(If I) can’t go do jihad at the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.”


Graffiti on a Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas reads “Islam or Die” (OCT 2016)

American pastors need to be aware their churches are significant targets.  See other related articles here and here.

UTT offers this important guidance for pastors of churches of all denominations:

  1. Understand the real threat the U.S. Islamic Movement poses and educate your flock.
  2. Stop conducting “interfaith outreach” with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas organizations like ISNA, ICNA, CAIR, MAS and others.  They are part of the enemy’s program.
  3. Encourage parishioners who are properly trained to carry firearms to do so, and make sure it is known publicly.  Consider posting a sign in front of the church saying something like “The disciples carried weapons and Jesus was okay with it, so we are too.”  This would be a tremendous deterrent.
  4. Put together a team of active or former law enforcement officers, military, or other trained individuals from the church, and build a security team.  UTT offers training for security teams and can help as needed.
  5. Train the members of your church on how to respond to someone in the church who may be conducting pre-operation surveillance and what to do if an attack happens, so they can be prepared not scared.

In all of this, UTT stands ready to help.  Reach out to us at http://www.UnderstandingtheThreat.com.

If you have details of similar events at your church, please send them to info@understandingthethreat.com.  Please provide contact information.

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