East Texas elections office explains reported ‘switching of straight tickets’

Multiple reports surfaced Tuesday of electronic voting machines switching straight Republican party tickets to Democratic tickets or doing away with the straight ticket altogether.

A majority of the reports were from Wood County.

KETK contacted Wood County elections officials to get an explanation of what has been going on.

Officials say the switch is due to user error and not a mechanical malfunction.

Elections officials tell KETK, citizens are going into the voting booth and choosing straight ticket voting, then hitting “ENTER.” When voters do this, the cursor shoots back to the top and, depending on how many times you’ve hit “ENTER,” it either cancels out the vote or switches to a straight ticket of the opposite party. This will cause a discrepancy with your ballot and you will need to speak with an elections administrator.

Voters need to be aware, after hitting “STRAIGHT TICKET,” whether it be Republican or Democrat, you must then tap the “NEXT” button or use the dial to take you all the way to the end of the voting process to submit your ballot.

If you are in the voting booth and have questions about equipment and/or rules, please get the attention of the elections administrator.

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