Conservatives: Why must you eat your own?


Pardon me while I get something off my chest.

Why do Conservatives keep ‘eating our own’? Progressives and Democrats are the ones that benefit from it. Why help the other side?

So, your guy or girl did something you do not like. You can either complain about it or you can use the disappointment for the betterment of the cause.

Texas Conservatives especially!

You’re going to try to unseat the most Conservative Lt. Governor Texas has had? A Democrat or a Progressive would be better? The delegate issue was not Patrick’s doing. It was the RNC. And what about those out of the 155 Texas delegates that didn’t sign a petition?  It’s more theirs and the RNC’s fault than it is Patrick’s in my view.

Or a Senator, that knows a particular piece of legislation does not have a prayer this next term, and thus doesn’t have your issue on her top 5? Does that mean the world is coming to an end? I suppose Wendy Davis would be better?

So Cruz didn’t endorse Trump. So what. Reagan did not endorse Ford. You seriously only vote for a Republican candidate based on wh0 Senator Cruz or say Senator Cornyn endorse?

So, some up north do not care about the blatant murder of unborn babies or other social issues. TEXANS DO!

We all have our reasons for being involved. Though, on the most part, those that truly seek to help the cause want a better future for our kids, right?

Progressives are copying what you say to voters. Yes, their promises are lies but the reality is they simply do not care. Whatever they have to do to win. They have no principles nor moral compass. Progressives know that principles and morals matter to you! But, we all know this, right?

So, why aren’t we calling them out for their lies? Why are we getting bogged down on one issue and talking trash about the folks a large number of Conservatives worked their tail off getting into office? Since when did we become ok with splintering and being a 1 issue voter?

Please. Please. Please. STOP EATING YOUR OWN! Focus. Keep your eye on the big picture.

We simply have too much to do to keep getting lost in the weeds.



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