Donald Trump Just Caved on Gun Control


By  |  June 15, 2016

Wow. Up until 2012, Trump supported the assault weapons ban. He only became “pro-second amendment” when he began thinking about running for President. This year he got the NRA endorsement and he just threw them under the bus.

Banning people on the terror watch list and no fly list are terrible ideas because the second amendment is a fundamental right. The Republicans proposed a plan last year killed by Democrats that would trigger a probable cause hearing if someone was flagged, but never endorsed an outright prohibition on American citizens owning guns when it could be a government screw up.

Numerous people have been put on the no fly list, for example, who do not deserve to be there. They include former Senator Ted Kennedy and Fox News contributor Steve Hayes. Not only do people get on the list inappropriately, but it is a difficult process to get off the list.

This is a terrible idea and a flat out cave by Donald Trump. You cannot deny constitutional rights to American citizens because the government is suspicious of you. The IRS has tried with tea party groups. The Department of Homeland Security has labeled returning veterans and conservatives as suspicious. If we did what Donald Trump wants, we could all find ourselves on a watch list to deny us our second amendment rights.

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