SBOE District 9 race

I have been asked to discuss my views on GAWTP’s actions, their endorsement process, as well as the allegations in the Longview News Journal concerning GAWTP, We the People – Longview (WTP Longview) and other politically active groups.

Yesterday, I shared a letter from Mary Lou Bruner, candidate for State Board of Education, District 9 regarding GAWTP retracting their endorsement of her.

I spoke with Cindy Schwartz today. She had absolutely nothing to do with GAWTP’s decision concerning Mary Lou Bruner. Additionally, Longview News Journal is FULLY aware that WTP Longview does not endorse and was not party to GAWTP Board’s decision before or recent. I will let you ascertain why Evans erroneously included WTP – Longview in the piece.

GAWTP has a LENGTHY endorsement process. If Mr. Ellis failed to meet with any member of the GAWTP Board, that is Mr. Ellis’ issue.  As Programs and Events Director for East Texans for Liberty, I have personally invited Keven Ellis to come out twice.  The first time, Mr. Ellis failed to respond.  The second time, Mr. Ellis said he had another engagement that he was working on rescheduling. The end result? Mr. Ellis did not show.  Was that due to Mr. Ellis’ decision or the weather?  We do not know. BUT I am aware that Mr. Ellis has been afforded — outside of ET4L — multiple opportunities to speak directly to, if elected, his constituency.

Do I agree with GAWTP’s recent decision?  No. But I support their right to change their mind.

Like WTP – Longview, ET4L does not endorse.  However, I do.

Does GAWTP’s retraction change my endorsement in the SBOE race? No.

I endorsed Mary Lou Bruner prior to the primary. I did not endorse Mary Lou because I know her.  Many of you that know me know that is not how I vet candidates. Nor did I persuade Mary Lou to run for SBOE.

I am supporting Mary Lou for various reasons. Mostly because of her experience in education and her repeated efforts to actually drive to Austin and testify at several Education Committee meetings in the last seven (7) painstaking years with the staunchly progressive Thomas Ratliff.

By watching the committee meetings, and knowing Mary Lou throughout the years, I am confident that she will protect our Christian/Conservative values – far greater than Thomas Ratliff – in the SBOE.

Keven Ellis? Not being able to speak to him face-to-face hardly negates my or any groups (whether GAWTP, Empower Texans, Texas Right to Life, VOCAL, Texas Home School Coalition, other individuals, etc.) vetting process of his candidacy.

Mary Lou has over 30 years of experience in education. Have you seen Ellis’ experience?  Check out his webpage.

Some of you may know that I was involved in the CSCOPE fight here in Texas and just about every poor, progressive, Common Core loving decision of our now State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff.  Ratliff supports Ellis.

It’s not only that Ellis has far less experience in education than Bruner. He also supports Century 21 learning. That and these three supporting Ellis cinched it with me:

  • Mike Moses
  • Mary Ann Whiteker
  • Joe Smith with

Five years ago, a women’s group in Gregg supported Thomas Ratliff. These same ladies are staunch supporters of Joe Straus as well. Today, they support Ellis. AND they VOTE! If you do not want those ladies to speak for your children/grandchildren, please let your voice be heard; vote!

The Primary Runoff is Tuesday, May 24th.

In closing, special thanks to each and every one of you who fight for Liberty.


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