Desiree Watts: Trump and a Joe Straus House


Desiree, wife of David Watts, made a short yet insightful post on her Facebook page about the House District 7 and Joe Straus.  Here is what she had to say:

“Who would have ever thought Trump would end up trumping all the conservative races across Texas?”

Quoting a paragraph in the article, It’s a Joe Straus House – at least until 2019 – after Tuesday’s GOP primaries: 

 “The speaker’s inner circle also reveled in the fact that Longview Mayor Jay Dean beat a tea party-backed rival for the seat held by retiring Rep. David Simpson, another Straus critic.

Maybe they should invite Trump to their revelries so they can honor him for bringing thousands more new uninformed and liberal voters to the polls. (Texas is a cross-over state like South Carolina where they also had to deal with the Trump Effect. If your state has a closed primary, be thankful.) Reminder: If you don’t know anything about the candidate, don’t check a box!”

I could not agree more, Mrs. Watts!



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