Yes Jay Dean voted on License Plate Scanners – TWICE

Jay Dean, while the Mayor of Longview, voted in favor of data mining vehicles traveling in Longview?  Yes, he did. TWICE!

license scanners.png

While mayor of Longview, my opponent voted TWICE to authorize the use of Automatic License Plate Scanners. These scanners capture data on innocent motorists and store it for ONE YEAR in a government database. More details here:

Jay apparently loves the idea, but as Constitutional Conservatives, we know this is just wrong.

Unanswered questions include:
— Who has access to this database?
— Who controls the access?
— Under what conditions will the data be searched?
— Does it require a court order to search the database?
— How many records are stored in the database?
— How is the database secured?
— Has security been exhaustively tested and verified by outside security experts?
— Where is the database physically stored?

(h/t David Watts for Texas House campaign)


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