Since when did the truth become dirty politics?

0From the beginning of this race, Jay Dean has repeatedly asked the voters to look at his record.  We did.  Sorry you dislike that it was found. 

I am not certain why Jay takes vetting his record so personal, nor why his supporters feel it’s their Christian duty to point out that they view vetting Jay’s record as immoral.

Why do we have primaries? To pick the best candidate for a particular race, right?

We, the voters, are to vet/research the records of the candidates.

When the local newspaper backs one candidate over another, then what other choice does a voter in the  district have other than doing their part in getting the truth out.

Whether one votes for David Watts or Jay Dean does not make a voter any more moral or closer to God. What is childish is to even allude to such a thing.

With David Watts, a voter knows David will not vote for Straus. With Jay Dean, a voter knows Jay will vote for Straus.

12043676_10153495232416609_664904919_o (1)

David Watts will fight big government and Jay Dean will promote big government.  Those are not my words, but the words from voter after voter after voter that I have spoken to, in my district, regarding this race.


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