Gregg and Upshur: Are you aware?


I forwarded this letter to the Longview News Journal’s Letter to the Editor section, as I have done many times throughout the years, and shockingly, it has not made its way to print.

So, for those who may be interested, here is the letter:



To Gregg & Upshur:

Are you aware that:

  • Jay Dean, candidate for Rep. David Simpson’s seat, supports the confiscation and selling of personal property BEFORE a conviction is obtained;
  • Jay Dean donated to the liberal Speaker Joe Straus and has refused, multiple times, to publicly state he will not vote for Joe Straus as Speaker;
  • Jay Dean posted on his Facebook page that the Establishment is the TRUE conservatives in House District 7; and
  • Jay Dean is a moderate.

Of course, it would not surprise me if Dean disagreed with my characterization.  Here are a few examples of reputable organizations that agree:

1) American Family Association rated Dean as a moderate;
2) Texas Values Action rated Dean as a moderate;
3) Texas Alliance for Life, the same group that supports Dean supports liberals such as Straus, Geren, Cook, Fisher and Ratliff; and
4) Tony McDonald, with Empower Texans, in an article on Feb 4, 2016, pointed out Dean’s liberal activism as the Mayor of Longview.

The last time House District 7 had a moderate representing us was back in the Tommy Merritt days.  We can’t afford to send Merritt 2.0 to Austin.

Please consider David Watts for Texas House.


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