UPDATED: Republican Women of Gregg nor Congressman Gohmert endorsed Jay Dean

UPDATE: President Carlton asked ‪‎JAY DEAN‬ again to remove the RWGC reference in a post on Jay Dean’s facebook page. The request was deleted and the post, though editable, continues to misrepresent the facts.


no-endorsement-3 (1)Jay Dean posted, on his Facebook page, about his visit with Congressman Gohmert at a Republican Women of Gregg County meeting last week.  (Below) It was six days ago to be precise when my phone blew up in HORROR! 

Hats off to Jay Dean for listening to the Republican Women of Gregg County’s President Brenda Carlton and others by at the VERY least adding a comment on the highly erroneous post.  Though he could have EASILY went in the post under edit and removed the connection of RWGC as Mrs. Carlton, President of RWGC asked him and his staff to do. Sadly, doing the right thing is what a conservative would do, right?


In the comment section



Jeremiah Hunter discusses Jay Dean’s continual misrepresentation of the facts on two Facebook posts.  Check them out HERE and HERE!

See a pattern?



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