‘Good Ole Boy’ tactics are exercised in Jay Dean campaign




This alarms me greatly. I have been hearing many stories from voters such as these:


  • Voters chastised for having a David Watts for Texas House yard sign in their yard, and bullied into moving it to their bushes up closer to their house
  • Voter, who organized a gathering for David Watts, received a call threatening her son’s position in Longview for standing against Dean
  • Signs stolen from Watts supporters private property

This story sheds light on what, I believe, House District 7 will be dealing with if Jay Dean is elected.

I recall Jeremiah sharing with me, back in October of last year, a thin-veiled threat by Jay Dean regarding Dean being told that Jeremiah characterized Dean as a moderate. A voters First Amendment right means nothing to Dean if it contradicts his narrative.

Now this?

hunter threatened                                        (Click on above photo to hear Hunters video)

To hear a better quality: Jeremiah Hunter’s Facebook page post 




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