I am writing you today, a few days before early voting, because I am concerned.

While the Jay Dean campaign promotes blatant falsehoods and literally bullies voters, it calls to question what is Dean afraid of?

What is wrong with wanting limited government, pro-life solutions, second amendment protections, and the end to sanctuary cities?

Why does Dean think his tax and spend ideas, unyielding allegiance to liberal Joe Straus, and the confiscation and selling of personal property BEFORE one is convicted is the true heartbeat of Gregg and Upshur voters?

Are you aware? 

Are you aware that Jay Dean is a MODERATE?

Are you aware that Jay Dean donated to Joe Straus? (see below)

12043676_10153495232416609_664904919_o (1)

Speaker Joe Straus is our Harry Reid of the Texas House. Dean has refused, on more than five occasions, to publicly affirm that he will NOT vote for Straus as Speaker, as have many rock solid conservatives across Texas. Dean’s cronies are Rep. Chris Paddie and Rep. Travis Clardy. Dean and his Austin Cartel buddies hope the voters in Gregg and Upshur are distracted enough to not pay attention to what side of the fence he plans to play on while in Austin.

Now it would not surprise me if Dean suggested that I am misguided in my assertions. Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe I am correct in my characterization of Jay Dean:

1)      American Family Association rated Jay Dean as a moderate;
2)      Texas Values Action rated Jay Dean as a moderate;
3)      Texas Alliance for Life, the same group that supports Jay Dean supports liberals such as: Joe Straus, Charlie Geren, Byron Cook, Jason Villaba, Hugh Shine,
J.D. Sheffield, Scott Fischer, Andrew Piel and Bennett Ratliff

4)      Empower Texans Tony McDonald points out Jay Dean’s liberal activism as the Mayor of Longview; and
5)      The following life protecting and liberty fighting conservatives support David Watts: 

  • Representative Jonathan Stickland
  • Representative Matt Schaefer
  • Representative Molly White
  • Representative Matt Rinaldi
  • Representative Matt Krause
  • Senator Bob Hall
  • Texas Right to Life
  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Texas Home School Coalition
  • Texas Values Action
  • Young Conservatives of Texas
  • Conservative Republicans of Texas
  • Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum
  • JoAnn Fleming, GAWTP
  • Julie McCarty, NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • National Association of Gun Owners

         Not only do the above support David Watts for Texas House, but each refused to embrace Jay Dean’s misrepresentation of himself as a conservative and his liberal record; and 

6)      Jay Dean says the Establishment is the TRUE conservatives of HD 7.  See for yourself:

Dean says the establishment is the TRUE conservatives in HD 7.

Conservatives and their families believe in conservative solutions. Conservatives believe records matter and seek a clear thinker that will protect our liberty from the Austin Cartel.  David Watts is that individual we need to send to Austin.

I am voting for David Watts for Texas House. Won’t you join me? 

For Liberty,


PS:  Click here for election information and polling locations in Gregg and Upshur

An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.  – Thomas Jefferson




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