When the establishment attacks . . .

Prayer-1I do believe my good friend Bryan Hughes was right.  He [Jay Dean] has given me a great deal of free press.  From chewing on the higher up’s at the Longview News Journal, to promoting falsehoods to a journalist at the Gilmer Mirror to going on KETK, liberal Jay Dean has not been shy in letting the voters of HD 7 know he was attacking a conservative.

As with during the Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate campaign, there are going to be some folks that just are not fans of mine. And, that is truly okay.

Back then, the moderates in Gregg County were especially upset.  One, at the time, an associate member of the Republican Women of Gregg County and an openly unapologetic fan of David Dewhurst, flipped my son and me the bird at a primary polling location while we stood supporting Ted Cruz.

Political leaders across Texas will tell you, when moderates like Jay Dean are speaking disparagingly about you, YOU KNOW you are doing something right.

I imagine it has to be unquestionably frustrating to try and convince a district that their “guy” is a conservative, especially when EVERY Texas conservative entity, as well as Texas’ top conservative representatives refused to fall for their and/or Jay Dean’s misrepresentation of himself and his liberal record.

They have all endorsed conservative David Watts.  Top conservatives supporting Watts are:

  • Representative Jonathan Stickland
  • Representative Matt Schaefer
  • Representative Molly White
  • Representative Matt Rinaldi
  • Representative Matt Krause
  • Senator Bob Hall
  • Texas Right to Life
  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Texas Home School Coalition
  • Texas Values Action
  • Young Conservatives of Texas
  • Conservative Republicans of Texas
  • Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum
  • JoAnn Fleming, GAWTP
  • Julie McCarty, NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • National Association of Gun Owners

So, in closing, I will not reciprocate.



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