UPDATE: Jay Dean appears to be a gun grabber


NOTE:  NAGR sent out their survey in December of 2015.  Jay Dean missed the deadline in returning the survey in January 2016. NAGR’s endorsement was in February of 2016. So, the notion that Jay Dean did not need to answer the survey because of NAGR’s endorsement of David Watts is yet another blatant false tail espoused by the Dean camp. 

 Why is Jay Dean afraid to take a stance against Barack Obama’s gun grab? 

In 2014, as the Mayor of Longview, Jay Dean cancelled Ted Nugent because Nugent referred to Barack Obama as a “mongrel.” Now Dean is standing strong with Obama and Feinstein’s gun grab?

These questions MUST be answered.

REBLOG: East Texas Conservative post

12112091_1480441938928429_6519014641132139901_nToday, we received a mailer from National Association for Gun Rights.  This mailer was pertaining to the Texas House District 7 race; the seat previously held by David Simpson. The mailer says that Jay Dean refuses to answer his gun rights survey.

By not answering the survey, Dean refuses to go on record on three important issues concerning our Second Amendment rights.

Voters in Gregg and Upshur County need to know:

  • Does Jay Dean support the radical Feinstein Gun Ban agenda?
  • Does Jay Dean support Obama’s radical anti-gun agenda?
  • Does Jay Dean stand against your right to legally “Stand Your Ground”?

PER NAGR:  Gun grabbers in pro-gun districts prefer to dodge the issue rather than defend our Second Amendment rights. 

Jay Dean should go on record as to his true stance to the voters in House District 7.


NOTE:  NAGR endorsed Conservative and Pro-Second Amendment candidate, David Watts for Texas House District 7.

East Texas Conservative post


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