Philip Hayes is not a conservative


By:  Sue Evenwel (reblogged)

I am sooo disappointed! You almost had me fooled Mr. Hayes!

Do not vote for this man if you care about Pro-Life legislation.  He now owes Joe Straus!

Texas Alliance for Life is anything but a pro-Life organization.  It is a front for Joe Straus, and has been on the wrong side of nearly every pro-life initiative.

The is a BIG disappointment to see Mr. Hayes receive this endorsement.

Last night I asked candidates at the NTCC Forum if any of them would vote for Joe Straus as Speaker..Have they received and money from Straus or his agents…or have received promises from House leadership.  Well how about an endorsement!

Texas Alliance for Life has given money to Straus supporters like Bennett Ratliff, who believes a woman has a right to choose.

It’s no longer a secret or coincidence that Bennett’s brother, Thomas Ratliff and Philip Hayes were meeting together at Herschel’s last week when Judy Kent and I just happened by for a cup of coffee.

Shame on you Mr. Hayes for trying to fool the voters pretending to be a conservative.  TAL is extremely weak on anything that says Pro-Life.  You all remember what David Barton said at the Reagan Day Dinner……The way you vote on Pro-Life issues, gives you a pretty good indication of how you vote on other issues.

During the 83rd legislative session, TAL’s interference with H.B.2 led to the drama on the Senate floor that propelled Wendy Davis into the national spotlight.  TAL worked behind the scenes to water down and finally reject the 5 month abortion ban, that was originally in the bill, leaving the bill with only the abortion clinic regulations.


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