Sad when an establishment candidate seeks to smear a conservative


After numerous attempts to correct the advertisement regarding the upcoming East Texans for Liberty event in Gilmer on January 23rd, we would like for the distinguished members and any Upshur County voters who are planning to attend this event to know that we will not be participating. We have advised Stacy McMahan, President of ET4L, multiple times over the past several months that we are not available. Following our first debate with ET4L in October, Mrs. McMahan was made aware that we had a prior engagement on Jan 23rd. Our campaign has copies of correspondence sent to her which clearly state we would not be in attendance. Despite this, Mrs. McMahan has chosen to continue advertising and misleading people in order to promote her event.

We have and will continue to make ourselves as readily available to the constituents of HD 7 as possible. Our team is excited about the opportunity to join the forum presented by the Upshur County GOP on January 25th. We have also confirmed that we will attend several other Upshur County events over the next 6 weeks. We look forward to continuing our efforts throughout Upshur County as the race continues and beyond.

I apologize that Mrs. McMahan has intentionally misinformed members of ET4L, Upshur County, and various media outlets by continuing to advertise this event while clearly knowing our intentions.

Jay Dean

Republican for Texas House

ET4L Press Release, 1/18/2016 – Communications concerning the House District 7 race, between Mr. Dean and East Texans for Liberty, began before April 18, 2015.

Last June, and again in August, both candidates for Texas House District 7 confirmed with ET4L, a debate for Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Since that time, ET4L was notified that a candidate had changed his mind and thus was not attending. Before this notification, most of the costs and plans for the event had already been committed by the group.

With the exception of an early forum last October, the electorate in Upshur has had very few opportunities to hear from both candidates, and never for more than a few minutes each. Therefore, for the sake of the Upshur County electorate, we feel the voters should have an opportunity for the same amount of time the candidates allotted to the Gregg County electorate earlier this month.

We regret that Mr. Dean will not attend. However, as many groups do throughout Texas when placed in this rather normal situation, and in an effort to be fair to all candidates, we are proceeding with the event as scheduled.

Read more here: East Texas Conservative Blog


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