Keeping Our Perspective

Who am I, right? With saying that, may I please ask that we remember candidates and/or incumbents are people, too.

Realistically, how are we to reach our goal if we continually tear them down over 1 or 2 issues we disagree on? Let’s face it, that issue alone will not magically rectify the problems we are facing today.

In East Texas we are blessed to have many top notch statesmen willing to step up to fight the big fight, not just every 2 years or an election cycle, but every day. Statesmen that walk each day with Christ in the forefront of their heart and mind. Out of the 26 districts statewide, how many, do you think, can say that?

I come before You today dear Lord to ask that we seek Your will and guidance always in the matters facing us.  May we all seek to walk in Your light each day. May we also remember to include our brothers and sisters who work hard for us each day in our prayers. In Your name I pray. Amen.

Thanks for listening to me dump my purse.


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