David Watts Announces Filing for Texas House District 7



GILMER, TX-November 24, 2015- David Watts, conservative Republican, business consultant, and 2014 Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, announced today he has formally filed to run for the Texas House of Representatives, House District 7. House District 7 encompasses both Gregg and Upshur counties and includes the communities of Longview, Lakeport, Kilgore, Gladewater, White Oak, Liberty City, Big Sandy, Gilmer, Ore City, and Diana.

David Watts has been endorsed by more than 150 citizens of House District 7 and has received numerous endorsements by conservative organizations, including Concerned Women for America and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. David has also been endorsed by Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum and JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America We The People.

Watts said of his campaign, “We began an extensive ground campaign this summer. I’ve talked personally with thousands of citizens across House District 7. I hear voters clearly as they demand less government and more liberty. Voters are weary of longtime politicians. Voters want someone from outside the political system who will aggressively restrain the role of government. Government has abandoned its fundamental role to protect the liberty of citizens and their security. In abandoning its fundamental role, government now does too much, regulates too much, taxes too much, and demands too much. In the Texas House, I will work relentlessly to restrain the role of government to its foundational responsibilities and advance the cause of liberty.”

Speaking further of his priorities, David said, “My priorities include Liberty, Prosperity, and Security. Liberty begins with life. Without life, there is no liberty. Thus we must work tirelessly to protect unborn life. In pursuit of liberty, we reject judicial confiscation of private property without a criminal conviction. We also reject eminent domain abuse that has unfortunately become more common in Texas.”

Speaking of Prosperity, Watts said, “Prosperity is the simple truth that your money is your money — it doesn’t belong to the government. In particular, the property tax system in Texas is broken and oppressive. The property tax system saddles Texas property owners with the fifth highest property taxes in the nation. It is long past time to end the property tax system in Texas and replace it with an extremely efficient and extremely fair consumption tax. Taxes will no longer be tied to a bureaucrat’s guess about your home’s value, but will be tied to your consumption. No longer will your house be in jeopardy of being auctioned on the courthouse steps due to failure to pay property taxes.”

Speaking of Security, Watts said, “We face a grave and immediate threat because of the Federal government’s perpetual failure to secure our southern border. What the federal government won’t do, Texas must do. After the recent terrorist attacks in France, we are vividly reminded that Texas must find new ways to better stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the Texas border. Law enforcement must be given the budget and the resources to succeed. In view of the continued threat from Islamic terrorists, I urge Governor Abbott to immediately call a special legislative session to focus intensely on better securing the Texas border, and better empowering both Texas law enforcement and Texas citizens to defend our state.”

David Watts, his wife, and their three children have lived in the East Texas area for the past 16 years: six years in Longview and ten years in Upshur County. David served as full time evangelist in Longview for six years, has made four extended preaching trips to India, and is currently a business and technology consultant residing in Upshur County with his wife, children, and extended family. He is the author of the Korean War historical fiction novel, Hope in Hungnam.

The Watts for State Representative District 7 campaign may be followed at www.WattsforTexas.org, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WattsforTexas and also on Twitter at @WattsforTexas.


David Watts



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