David Watts for House District 7


After careful consideration and prayer, I endorse David Watts for HD 7. There are a plethora of reasons why, but to point out a few:

  •  He is not a Republican in name only.
  •  He is not a career politician.
  • He is not in the race to hang out with the establishment moderates.
  • He has been clear, right out of the gate, he does NOT support Joe Straus as Speaker.
  • He stands for limited government and liberty.
  • He will focus on Gregg AND Upshur, not just Longview.
  • He listens, is polite, and is someone I find very easy to work with.
  • As Rep. Matt Schaefer has said, he will be a great asset to the conservatives in the House.
  • He has a clear grasp on the process in Austin. He will not need the Austin Cartel to show him the ropes or pad his pockets.
  • He will be accessible to everyone; especially the one’s the establishment and Austin Cartel leave behind.
  • And — most important to me — he will work for YOU, the voter.

With David Simpson, House District 7 broke free from the Merritt/establishment chains that all but crippled our district. Let’s continue that path — move forward — and not go backward.

Have you had a chance to chat with David? If not, I pray you will reach out. I truly believe, once you do, you will see what I see in David.

Please consider my friend David Watts for House District 7.



Note:  Endorsement is made individually as a voter and not on behalf of any group or organization.


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