Want a principled candidate for POTUS? Please donate to #MakeDCListen

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For months, the conventional wisdom was that Ted Cruz couldn’t win. The DC establishment said he was “too conservative” and couldn’t “raise the money.”

Now Senator Cruz and his supporting PACs have raised the second most in the race, behind only Jeb Bush. But the Cruz campaign has actually raised the most “hard money” (non Super PACs) of anyone in the race, surpassing even Jeb Bush ($14.3 million for Cruz vs. $11.4 million for Bush).

Senator Cruz is now the best-funded conservative in the race.

That is extraordinary. We finally have a candidate who is not only a principled, grassroots conservative, but also someone who can raise the money to win.

It’s time for all conservatives to unite behind Senator Cruz.

Will you help Ted Cruz continue his momentum by making a donation of $25, $50, $100, or even $250 to the Cruz for President campaign?

Make DC Listen pays for all fundraising expenses so Senator Cruz’s campaign receives 100% of your donation.

Here’s what the Washington Post said:

“Take Cruz’s demonstrated fundraising ability over the first half of 2015 and couple it with his status as the most conservative candidate in the race and you have a potent mix that should scare the hell out of any of the establishment candidates with designs on the party nomination.”

I served as Senator Cruz’s campaign manager for his successful 2012 Senate run, and I’ve personally seen this scenario play out before. Ted Cruz started behind in the polls, was underestimated, and then separated himself from a large pack with strong fundraising and grassroots support to make it a one-on-one race against a well-funded Republican establishment candidate.

Now Senator Cruz is second in fundraising and we’re starting to see him move up in the polls, with one showing him in third place.

He has strong momentum!

But it costs significant money to raise the kind of money the campaign has raised. For example, the Cruz campaign had to pay over $800,000 to a digital fundraising firm and over $600,000 to a telemarketing fundraising firm.

Fortunately, Make DC Listen is a PAC that can raise money at absolutely no cost to the Cruz for President campaign. We can cut the campaign’s fundraising costs and lower their “burn rate” dramatically with your help.

Will you please donate, $35, $50, $100 or even $250 directly to the Cruz for President campaign through Make DC Listen?

Senator Cruz’s campaign gets 100% of your donation because our PAC covers all the costs and processing fees.

We’re making incredible progress to position Senator Cruz as the conservative alternative to Jeb Bush. We just have to keep pushing forward.

It’s worth repeating again and again that if conservatives are divided in this presidential race, we will get another moderate, establishment Republican as our nominee. That would be a disaster!!

So please help build Senator Cruz’s momentum and donate what you can right now at absolutely no cost to the campaign.

With your help, we will make sure America’s best days are ahead.

For Liberty,


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