Cheering the Gilmer Mirror

Now well into our second year subscription, I wish to thank the Gilmer Mirror for the effort put forth in sharing stories in and around Upshur County.

Unlike the big city papers, it is not too difficult to notice the careful detail to local news and events. From area church activities, football stories (a big favorite of mine), Extension Office activities, what happened during Commissioners Court, what the DPS is doing to protect us, library schedule, Water Development Board meeting information, recipes and so much more, the Gilmer Mirror never fails to deliver.

But, it is not just for all of those reasons, listed above, that I look forward to hiking out to the mailbox every Wednesday and Saturday.  It is also the political coverage.

Especially these days — whether we like it or not — politics touch every facet of our lives; from doctors, taxes, churches, 1st Amendment, our children’s education, etc.  Even down to the regulation of toothbrushes.

I view the local political coverage in the Gilmer Mirror, unlike the main stream media, as un-biased. No fluff. No slant. Just the facts of the situation and/or record. That is very important to me as a voter and a subscriber. If we, the voters, fail to vet the records of those running for office ourselves, we might as well join all of the other low information voters and leave the slanted Fox News, Meet the Press, and other tell-you-who-to-vote-for entities on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To all of the hard working folks at the Gilmer Mirror, thank you for your unyielding efforts to report all of the local and surrounding area news. This Upshur County subscribing household appreciates you!

Stacy McMahan


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