Longview City Council Meeting on 6/11/15


Yesterday, what was most disappointing was the lack of voice from those opposed to the proclamation.

I did not ask to speak because I no longer reside in Longview. Didn’t Mack run on the campaign that you’re not worthy if you are not a Longview native? His supporters repeatedly stated if not from Longview one had no voice. But Verma, Obama’s Organizing for Action East Texas director, and PFLAG leader spoke and he lives in Kilgore. If I had known it was ok to speak about an issue THEN and not be a resident, I would have happily filled out a card and offered up my thoughts.

First, let me say I support Verma’s right to his opinion and to speak, just as I believe I too have a right to my opinion and to speak. Secondly, just because I disagree with Verma on just about every issue imaginable, my heart nor my opinions are filled with hate nor fear.

While listening to Verma’s victory speech to Mack, I watched Andy’s facial reaction. When Verma mentioned that the Mayor was being forced to spend too much time on the issue, I could not help but wonder if Mack was thinking of the large number of conversations, over the last week, he’s had with Longview residents who had already expressed their strong opposition to the proclamation, as well as for some, their deep regret for supporting him as Mayor.

One of those conversations Mack had with an Upshur resident.This gentleman wrote Mack two letters and Mack called him in response. Essentially, Mack said because of his christian belief he does not support the life-style. When asked why he included the terminology, in the proclamation, that stated the city was in celebration for the whole month of June, Mack essentially said he didn’t write it. It was just presented to him and he signed it. When the Upshur gentleman asked Mack why he didn’t include a disclaimer about his personal views as to whether it was right or not, Mack replied he wished he had thought of that at the time.

Interesting. It’s not my fault! I didn’t write it! They have me scheduled as the main speaker at the festival on Saturday, but but I didn’t agree to speak. It’s not my fault. (A respected, public official in Longview was asked to speak at the festival and declined. Funny, his name isn’t listed to speak.) But but I’m a Longview native and did not intend to have my hometown be the LGBT hub of East Texas. Too late. Thanks to Longview native Andy Mack history is set.



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