Question to Verma, OFA – East Texas and PFLAG Organizer


Interesting. I just read where Verma referred to me as a ‘tea party blogger’ as if it was a bad thing and then assertions the post linked to herein is filled with ‘lies’.

These assertions as to the reasoning for why Longview Mayor Mack signed the LGBT proclamation have been said in Mack’s defense by his supporters. Verma was not present when each of them were asserted.

My question to Verma is, seeing according to my Facebook notifications he follows me, is the assertion true that you and/or your organization threatened to file a lawsuit against Longview if Mayor Mack did not grant the LGBT proclamation?

For the rest of those following this thread, Verma posted this on Andy Mack’s page:

“First, I would like to thank Mayor Mack for the proclamation. Given the journey we have had on this proclamation (having been rejected in 2014), it is certainly not something we take for granted. We are very grateful to Andy for moving forward on this in a very professional and straightforward manner. This is the third organization for who I have worked on getting proclamation (successfully). The process this time was as easy as the two previous proclamations these other organizations, if not easier.

Second, the proclamation is for LGBT Pride Month, which has been recognized nationally for many years. In fact, President Obama has issued a proclamation for each of the last 7 years. The big deal about these presidential proclamations is that they aren’t really a big deal anymore. They serve as an annual acknowledgement of a community in our country that offers a lot to our country. Why shouldn’t we do that in our city?

There is an LGBT community in Longview. They are our relatives and friends. The community is not abstract. It consists of real people. Andy realizes this, as he would with any other community, and acknowledges this with the proclamation. Many other communities in Longview routinely receive proclamations, as they should. All the LGBT community desires is the same treatment.

For too long, the LGBT community has been marginalized in ways that relegates it to a second-class status. That isn’t something that we should accept if we truly strive to care about each other.

Finally, I will conclude with the following. I myself am a straight ally of the LGBT community. I feel blessed to have become friends with many wonderful people in the community. And I emphasize wonderful. They are not the “other” that too many people try to label them as. They are friends who are there for you, as friends are. They have been welcoming to me in so many ways. I believe that we should return the favor.”

The article Verma referenced is this one:  Did Obama’s OFA Organizer threaten the City of Longview?

“Andy Mack Thank you for your kind comments and explanation, Vik.”


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