Did Obama’s OFA Organizer Threaten the City of Longview?


A week ago, an Upshur County resident ‘happened’ to stumble across an exceptionally controversial proclamation signed by Longview’s new Mayor Andy Mack. In short, said proclamation stipulates the City of Longview celebrate LGBT the whole month of June.

Many excuses have been propagated as to why the Longview native would elect to embrace a position that supports less the 2% of the population of the United States, as a whole.

The following are a few of what has been propagated:

  • though never campaigning to do so, candidate Andy Mack planned to issue such a proclamation since the onset of his campaign;
  • candidate Mack sought to find an issue Longview democrats would support;
  • candidate Mack has the full force and support of his church wherein he is a Deacon; and/or
  • Mack was threatened with the filing of a lawsuit by the director of Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action – East Texas and PFLAG leader, Vik Verma.

What is the truth, East Texas?


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