Longview Mayor Race


In response to Mr. John Green’s Letter to the Editor

“Candidates don’t get to pick and choose which rules they choose to follow and which ones they don’t.” ~ John Green.

Exactly, sir. But to be fair, I believe it is yet another example of Andy Mack’s inexperience.

Longview is thriving. Gracious, it has grown a great deal in the last 30+ years my husband lived in Longview. Even the courthouse is updating all the time. I truly don’t know how Mack can get ‘caught up’ (10 years of caught up) and run his dental practice with a 40 hour mayoral position on top of it. Seems like he would be stretched rather thin.

I wouldn’t want a dentist or even a mayor that is stretched too thin, much less an all-in-one. I believe Longview deserves more.

The position of mayor, as Mayor Dean says, is a 40 hour a week job. Richard Manley is retired, as well as has a great deal of experience.

No disrespect to Mack meant, but who doesn’t know he has been out of city issues for the last 10 years?

Now some will attempt to dismiss me because Harry and I no longer live in Longview. However, Harry works in Longview, we do business in Longview, and we have family and many friends there as well.

Where I live now does not dismiss my patronage at Mack’s dentistry, the mall or even Good Shepherd. Nor does it dismiss Mack’s lack of experience and his no-show in city government the last 10 years. As well, nor does my residency dismiss Richard Manley’s experience, his service to our country, that he’s retired and definitely has the time necessary to make Longview proud as their mayor.

Please consider my friend Richard Manley for your mayor of Longview.


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