Manley responds to talk of opponent Mack’s big government record and sanctuary city confusion



Manley responds to talk of opponent Andy Mack’s big government record and sanctuary city confusion at recent debate.


Longview, TX April 6, 2015

“There’s been a lot of talk about some of my opponent’s comments made during recent candidate forums and debates, specifically regarding his vote for the smoking ordinance that went into effect in 2003 and his confusion about local government’s role in establishing sanctuary city status,” Manley stated.

Manley continued, “My opponent touts Longview’s smoking ban as one of the accomplishments he is most proud of from his time on the Council, but I respectfully submit that the Council erred in that decision. I see this ordinance as an example of unnecessary government regulation. Our citizens don’t want more government – they want less. We all know that big government does not foster a healthy and robust economy, and I believe that this type of overreach is inconsistent with our Founding Fathers’ intentions. While I, and many others, may prefer to dine in non-smoking establishments, individuals should have the right to choose how they operate their businesses. As Mayor, I will be guided by the principles of limited, small government, and I will oppose any further initiatives to infringe on our constitutionally protected liberties.

“Additionally, when asked whether he would support Longview becoming a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants, my opponent stated that this is a state or federal issue. Again, respectfully, I must point out that this is nothing if not a local issue. Over 30 city governments across our state and country have adopted this designation, which essentially means that local governments direct their agencies and departments to stop enforcing federal immigration laws. I want to ensure that Longview is a city known for its warmth and hospitality, but let me be clear: I will not support the designation of Longview as a sanctuary city. I believe in enforcing the law of the land, and as Mayor, I will not support policies designed to circumvent immigration laws,” said Manley.

“Voters have an important decision to make about Longview’s future. While Andy and I share a deep love for this city, I think there are clear distinctions between our philosophies about the role of City Government. If elected, I pledge to Longview that I will protect our citizens by enforcing the law and fighting against government overreach.”

Richard Manley for Mayor

Press Contact: Kristi Bogle-Sherman –, 865.622.1086


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