Updated: Candidate for Longview mayor Mack is pro big government? Supports sanctuary cites?


A post from Wes Brumit, Harrison County’s Republican Party Chairman:

For the Mack supporters out there. When he was on the city council, he led the charge for the smoking ordinance. I believed then and believe now, this type of govt intrusion is/was wrong. As a business owner, no one including local government should be able to tell me how to operate my business, who or who not to serve, (unless it is illegal)People have the right to not visit my establishment if they find it objectionable. For those that are now siding with the business owners in all the “gay wedding” cases, how do you justify your support for Mack knowing he has a record of being anti business owners and pro government control? Do your beliefs not conflict? BTW: I hate smoking, and would not visit any food establishment that allowed it, but I recognize it is their right. Smoking ordinances are NOT about healthy living.

In a WTP Longview debate, regarding sanctuary cities, Mack said that the issue is to be determined by the state government and he will support the view of residents of Longview.   Watch video here: Candidates: Mr. Richard Manley www,RichardManley.net and Dr. Andy Mack www.MackForLongview.com WATCH DEBATE: PART ONE  PART TWO

Respectfully, this shows Mack’s inexperience and his need to pander for votes.

In Texas, a business owner is not to hire an illegal alien. Cites such as San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin and Tyler are sanctuary cities.  They do not adhere to Texas law.

Is Mack suggesting — laws be darn —  he will allow Longview to be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens who cross our 1254 miles of border with Mexico?

I may not reside in Longview any longer, but I know the heart beat of the city does not support becoming a sanctuary city akin to Tyler, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Update:  This is the facebook comments by former Republican Party Chairman Keith Rothra:

  •  Stacy McMahan But but Wes, Mack is from Longview. Longview is being asked to ignore experience and vote for him based on his birthplace. 
  • Keith Rothra Where a mother is located at the time she is full term in her pregnancy has little to nothing to do with the loyalties or capabilities of the child that is given birth at that place. Got that?
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  •  Keith Rothra Our current Mayor is a Cajun …. and he served three successful terms …. AFTER BEATING ANDY MACK FOR MAYOR. Andy tried to claim Jay Dean didn’t belong there because he wasn’t from here. It didn’t work for Andy then and it shouldn’t be a factor in this race.
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  •  Stacy McMahan Amen, Keith. Regretfully Mack doesn’t appear to get that.