Gregg County: Richard Manley’s ‘Official Statement’ on his business


The subject of Mr. Manley’s business has been brought up multiple times among leaders in and out of Gregg County.

In a quest to gain some clarity myself, I, too, asked Mr. Manley about the accusation.

Now, with the facts before me, I find there is a grave misrepresentation of the facts being propagated within certain circles.

In his response to my inquiry, Mr. Manley said he “thinks it’s important to have an open dialogue as a candidate AND elected official, and hopes Dr. Mack feels the same way.”

Taking all of this into consideration, and being in receipt of Mr. Manley’s ‘official statement’ concerning this matter, I thought it best to share it with you today.

As many of you know by our recent personal communications, my position has not changed. I still hold fast the belief that the voters  —  you — do not wish to be told how to vote. Too, I still believe that if, we, the voters, have the facts before us, even in the political sea of falsehoods and propaganda, a well-informed decision IS obtainable.

Now granted, as many of you also are aware, I no longer have a dog in the hunt in the Longview mayoral race.

Too, I recall Dr. Mack lost his last mayoral race by mere numbers.

In summary, I am not sharing Manley’s statement (below) with you in hopes to change your mind. I’m sharing it so you will have the facts before you.

Good luck and best wishes!

For liberty,

Stacy McMahan


Photo from Manley’s webpage. Manley’s office did not provide this photo for the purposes of this blog post.

By Richard Manley, candidate for Longview Mayor:

“Since I hit the campaign trail, I have had the privilege of speaking with a lot of folks about the qualities they are looking for in Longview’s next mayor. In that time, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is, “Richard, if Longview is your home, why don’t you have a business here?” When I get this question, I always provide the correct information, but in last night’s We The People-hosted debate, when I realized that even my opponent was under the impression that I do not have a business in Longview, I knew I needed to set the record straight. I believe that voters deserve transparency from their candidates and elected officials, and I am going to provide that here.

I come from modest beginnings in rural Demopolis, Alabama. I received an ROTC scholarship from the US Marine Corps and attended Vanderbilt University. I served as an artillery officer and was honorably discharged in 1981. After the Marine Corps, I took my first job as a medical sales representative. My young family moved all over the country as a result of my employment, and eventually, after a lot of hard work, I was able to purchase my first company, CVC, Inc. (also known as Cardiovascular Concepts) in 1993, which was based in Arlington and provided new medical technologies into open heart surgery. In 2002, after almost ten years in the Metroplex, Carol and I knew we didn’t want to raise our small children in a big city and decided to move to East Texas. My wife’s family is from Van Zandt County, and during the many holidays we spent here, I fell in love with East Texas. I continued working with CVC, Inc. after our move to Longview until I sold the company to a private equity group in December 2009.

In January 2012, I purchased Avcor Healthcare Products with my brother-in-law. Similar to CVC, Avcor sells medical supplies and is now headquartered in Grand Prairie. In January 2014, I turned the daily operations over to my brother-in-law and other executives but remain Chairman of the Board of Directors. In terms of time commitment, I travel to Grand Prairie once each quarter. This business will absolutely not impede my full-time commitment to the office of Mayor, should I be elected.

In the meantime, when we moved our family to Longview in 2002, I moved my business, R. Manley Enterprises, also. R. Manley Enterprises is a property management and real estate investment company. In full disclosure, we do have a few interests outside of Longview, but one of our main focuses has been to provide affordable housing for working families in Longview, and we have been able to do that. I firmly believe that we have positively impacted our City’s economy by working with other local businesses to build and redevelop housing options for first-time homeowners and effectively clean up formerly blighted neighborhoods.

I am proud of the work R. Manley Enterprises has completed, and although I am no longer involved in the day-to-day running of a large corporation, I want to take the lessons learned overseeing a sizeable budget and many employees and apply those to leading our City.

I am sure that my opponent’s misstatement about my business was unintentional, but I think it’s our responsibility as candidates to campaign responsibly, which means we must do our research and have our facts straight. I also believe that the way you campaign is a good indication of how you will govern. I am committed to transparency as a candidate for Mayor, and I can assure you that I will continue to be guided by that principle if elected to this distinguished office.”