Texas Values: Houston Trial Begins, Citizen’s Right to Vote Hangs in the Balance

Houston Trial Begins, Citizen’s Right to Vote Hangs in the Balance

The long-awaited trial to fight for the basic voting rights of one million Houston registered voters, including the 55,000 citizens who signed the No UNequal Rights referendum, began this week. Last year, Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston City Council passed a radical anti-religious freedom LGBT ordinance, despite overwhelming opposition. The ordinance allows men to go into women’s restrooms, forces business owners to violate their religious convictions, and increases government interference in the private sector. The city secretary reported there were more than enough signatures collected to put the ordinance to a referendum, but Mayor Parker refused to recognize the signatures and is being sued by a group of pastors who objected to the ordinance.

The case received a firestorm of national attention after 5 pastors were subpoenaed for their sermons regarding the referendum, the ordinance, the mayor, or homosexuality. The mayor withdrew the subpoenas after the national outcry. David Welch, one of the subpoenaed pastors, testified during the trial stating, “What [the city government is] doing is calling an entire community of churches and citizens criminals.” Welch explained as the drive was initiated by citizens and the refusal to acknowledge them was an accusation of fraud. We firmly believe that the law is undoubtedly on the side of Houston citizens and unlawful government interference should not deter their voices from being heard. Join us in prayer for the attorneys, the twelve member jury, Judge Robert Schaeffer, and that ultimately the people of Houston will be able to make their voice heard.
Support Texas Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell has filed important legislation known as the Texas Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act. House Bill 623 prohibits state or local funds, including governmental salaries, from being used to license or support same-sex ‘marriage.’ HB 623 expressly prohibits state or local government employees from recognizing, granting, or enforcing same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses. The bill also prohibits state courts from recognizing same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses.

Texas has seen numerous recent attacks and threats to our state marriage laws and our state authority on this issue; (1) Texas Supreme Court is being pressured to grant same-sex divorces, (2) some county clerks in Texas have even threatened to issue same-sex ‘marriages’ licenses based on their own personal opinions in clear disregard of state law, (3) and lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker is currently recognizing same-sex ‘marriages’ from others states for employee benefits in violation of state law and a current court order.

Take Action: Contact your Texas House member today and ask them to co-author and support HB 623.

Read more:    http://secure.2dialog.com/texasvalues/main.php/micro_sites/webviewmessage/id/383/package_id/809/contact_id/181441/domain_id/2


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