McMahan: My Take on an Election Administrator for Upshur County

Here in Upshur, Republican leadership has sought approval for an election administrator to serve our county of 26 thousand registered voters. I have been advised this is the first time such a request has been brought before the county in many, many years.

Elections titleMore often than not, I am in lockstep with our Republican leadership. Regrettably, however, not on this issue.

I tend to agree more with Titus County’s leadership. They have an election administrator who has 2 assistants, and same is viewed as wasteful, larger government.

Harris County (Houston area), with over 2 million registered voters, is “servicing our area quite well without an election administrator.”

Thanks to the conservative actions of our Commissioners Court, Upshur’s 2013/2014’s budget is no longer balanced on the back of an outstanding loan, as it had been for several years prior. All of her debts are paid with an expectation of a surplus at year end.

With county employees not getting a raise for eight years and other previous financial issues, why on earth would we grow government by adding more county positions when larger counties, with substantially more registered voters than us, operate quite well without the position?

Taking this all into consideration, does that mean I am closed minded and not approachable on the issue? Not at all.

In my view, there are many more pressing and necessary issues for our country to focus on. Issues that will not only better serve our great county, but will not contradict a core conservative value such as limited government.

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