ETMC Leaving Upshur

ETMC Closes - Gilmer 11/25/14

Today I attended a gathering of a little over fifty at ETMC, Upshur County’s only hospital and emergency care facility.  The gathering was to show appreciation for the system’s service to the community.

Gilmer has been blessed to have ETMC within its city limits for the last 17 years.  However, after experiencing financial shortages, ETMC is leaving Upshur.

Effective Dec. 12, the Upshur County hospital will no longer provide emergency, laboratory and imaging services. The ETMC First Physicians Clinic will close in February.

Owner of the Flight of Phoenix Aviation Museum Steve Dean spoke about his parents experience with ETMC that proved to save his father’s life and blessed him with another  twenty plus years.

Ms. Coppedge inquired if Gilmer would be losing ETMC’s ambulance services as well.  Dean confirmed that information to be correct and went on to state that an alternate service has not yet been determined.

ETMC’s Gilmer closing will leave area residents with few options during an emergency.  The three closest hospitals to Gilmer are Longview Regional 15.8 miles away; ET Medical Center in Pittsburg 18.3 miles or Longview’s Good Shepherd 24.2 miles away.

Though the crowd was more than twice the size of recent area rallies, an organizer expressed disappointment in the low showing.

Surprisingly few area leaders were in attendance.

Gilmer losing it’s one and only hospital affects everyone in Upshur County.


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