The Perceived Underdog and Lessons Learned



I fully get standing with what we perceive to be the underdog. I am a big proponent of the underdog. But when we lack a clear understanding of the whole picture/the whole affect, yet we take a hard stand anyway, it’s difficult to view same as commendable.

Tonight I couldn’t agree that other’s were purposeful in their actions. I said we were there once ourselves.  We used to not understand the big picture. We wanted to believe those who cried out the loudest and stand with them no matter their history. It was suggested (pp) ‘I know you want to help, but there is no short cut. They have to learn it on their own just like we did.’

It hurts. Sometimes I wonder why I feel I have to be this protective mom to those younger than I (at my age that’s a lot of folks). I know I must let go.

I was blessed to have my beautiful friend, Marty and followed another idol Sue like a hawk. Though now that I think about it, neither offered a thing. They waited until I asked.  

Someday they will get it. Someday they will see that their accusations were so far off and the underdog — BEHOLD — on the other side of the fence, had been there many, many times before. 


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