Reasons To Love Texas


I just had to share this. This was written by Glen Fredric Snider about our great state. And even though I didn’t really see a title, as a Texan, it reads to me as Reasons to Love Texas.

Texas 2

“Even though I’ve never lived in Texas and I’m a lifetime Buckeye & I am blessed to have been raised by godly, common sense, conservative parents in Ohio, I love Texas. I know I will probably never live in Texas because family is here and family is EXTREMELY important to me! But if that weren’t the case, I’d probably be saddling up and heading for the Lone Star State in a heartbeat! And even though I know I’m painting w/a broad brush, these are some of the reasons that this Buckeye loves Texas.

1) Cowboy hats, boots, & belt buckles.
2) Texas has it all—Mountains, ocean, and everything in between.
3) Texas is officially a republic; not a state—and Texans get it!
4) Texans have that self confident, independent spirit that is lost on much of our country since the days of the pioneers.
5) In Texas, the second amendment still applies.
6) In Texas a man can still be a man without the threat of being sued in the court of political correctness and metro-sexuals need not apply.
7) Texans don’t require the fawning approval of the other kids—“If you don’t like us or how we do things here, go somewhere else!”
8) Among a gazillion other famous Americans from Texas, here are just a few that I admire. Geo. W., Jeb, & Laura Bush, Ike Eisenhower, Gary Busey, Dale Evans, Gene Roddenberry, Carol Burnett, Gene Autry, Charley Pride, Kenny Rogers, B.J. Thomas, Chris Tomlin, Tom Landry, Michael Dell, Ross Perot, Walter Kronkite, Geo. Foreman, John Hagee, Kenneth Hagin, T.D. Jakes, J. Vernon McGee, John & Joel Osteen, James Robison, Claire Chennault, Audie Murphy, Chester Nimitz, and Oliver North are all from Texas. If Wheaties is the breakfast of Champions, surely Texas is the state of champions.
9) Country music, Tex Mex food, & rodeos.
10) “Sir” & “Ma’am” are still part of the vernacular.
11) And did I say, cowboy hats, boots, & buckles?

Even though I may never make it to Texas, rest assured that the Lone Star will ALWAYS shine in my heart!”



Thank you, Mr. Snider!


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