Toth: Simpson has courage and no guile. “I trust him completely.”


Recently REDSTATE put out a piece entitled:  The Republicans who helped Indict Rick Perry. Yes, Joe Straus is involved.  See here.

Texas House Representative David Simpson is on the list of legislators that voted to kill the PIU’s transfer.  (For further information on the PIU See here.)

Ever since REDSTATE’s release, some across Texas have questioned Rep. Simpson’s reasoning, which I believe caused Rep. Simpson to release this explanation:  Reasons for my Public Integrity Unit vote See here.

Though with his explanation questions still remained.

In an effort to assist some that questioned his true intent, some Simpson supporters sought to point out his ubber conservative record and stood with Simpson.


Yet comments like “lame excuse”, “squish” ,  and “RINO” continued regarding Rep. Simpson’s position on the vote.

Enter Texas House Representative Steve Toth.  Rep. Toth had this to say in Rep. Simpson’s behalf:


Steve Toth You can make an argument that while the PIU is constitutionally established, the placement under a partisan body was not. The PIU will never be fixed in the TX Legislature. There is therefor no constitutional fix. Period, end of story. The only remedy is to challenge the original Constitutional/Legislative intent of the PIU. The Amendment as well as HB-3575 that was Co-Sponsored by both myself and David David Philip Simpson would have triggered a court challenge by the Dems. It’s the only remedy that the legislature can achieve. Because the legislature failed to act it left the Governor’s office to act by the Veto. Everything that comes across his desk is subject to a signature of approval or the rejection of a veto including funding of the PIU. Even, now the question comes to mind of why didn’t Rosemary Lehmberg’s office challenge the Perry veto in the courts rather than indicting him? Because they know full well that the power of Perry’s veto pen would stand. One more thing. There is one person in Austin who’s intent, motives or character can’t be called in to question and that’s David Simpson. He’s a man in whom there is no guile and I trust him completely. Few if any have shown more courage than him.

Rep. Simpson is my Representative.  Thank you, Rep. Toth for your clear explanation and for your supportive comments regarding our awesome conservative Rep. Simpson.


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