Keep kicking Republican presidential hopefuls. America will have you to thank for Hillary.


The indictment against Perry is backfiring on the left AND the Perry haters.

Texans are not the only ones rallying behind Governor Perry, so are folks across the Nation. Alleging that there is something sinister behind his call for the drunken Travis County DA to step down just shows the lack of willingness on a fews part to judge someone on the basis of facts.

Republicans need to wake the heck up. No one is perfect.

Someone imperfect is a far better choice than an Establishment pick.

It wasn’t just the Establishment that gave us Mitt Romney, which caused a tsunami of Republican voters to NOT vote in the last Presidential election. Want that again? No?  Stop kicking! Stop helping Karl Rove!  Republican/Conservative kicking is part of the problem!

Agree or disagree with his actions in Texas, Rick Perry would be a FAR CRY better than the Establishments choice: Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, or Jeb Bush.

Whose side will you be on this go around?


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