Representative Simpson Townhall Reveals Interesting Border Facts


In a quick review of the meeting, below is some information Representative Simpson shared:

  • 50% are unaccompanied minors and families; 20% unaccompanied minors / 30% families
  • Those without proof of a family member in US are deported (50%)
  • Mexicans are repatriated the same day
  • Most of the children are from South and Central America
  • A small number of the children crossing are from Mexico
  • Those caught at the border are being fingerprinted
  • Caught at the border crossing is a felony
  • Most caught inside the US and normally is a civil matter
  • National Guard cannot arrest
  • Those caught by DPS are turned over U.S. Custom and Border Patrol
  • It takes 2 years for a background check for those coming to US legally
  • It takes 2 days for a background check for those caught at the border
  • Those at the border asked for 700 more border agents. (Didn’t Perry send 1000 National Guard?)
  • CA and AZ’s border is more secure than the Texas Border

2025Representative Simpson suggestions:

  • Reduce government freebies
  • Require legal status before birth right
  • Check out who we are relocating and check out those we release them to while waiting for a court date
  • Increase the number of immigration judges
  • Swift hearing for unaccompanied minors and families


Representative Simpson state reform suggestion:

Before the children are allowed in our schools, check to ensure they have complied with their promise to appear and legal before they attend school


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