Never a dull moment in politics

I have not been real outspoken regarding the influx of children at the border. I have seen reports where most coming across the border are OTM; other than Mexican. Another report said most of the illegals where from China. Some folks have disagreed with that information and blamed “the Mexicans.”

I think I have told this story before but my god parents are Hispanic, and they have been here — legally — for decades. In all honesty, I would gleefully smack the twit upside the head who dared asked Herb or Maria for their papers to prove they are legal to be in Texas.

Senator Ted Cruz was asked about his thoughts on the border and said (paraphrasing) that we [Texas] can secure our border if we pay for it.  However, he was clear that we [the state] do not have the power to deport.

State Representative Matt Schaefer (another lawyer) of Tyler, in so many words, shared the same sentiment as Cruz, as well as Representative David Simpson and (my political crush) THE Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Going over their comments, as well as other state Representatives that have visited the border, I hear about how bad the conditions are for the children. I hear the words like “humanitarian”, “humanitarian disaster”, “young children”, and “heart breaking.”

Personally, I have not changed my view on the border since 2007, when I decided merely yelling at the tv screen was not enough.  I want our 1254 miles of border with Mexico secured; tighter than an eight day clock. I stand behind Governor Perry in his repeated requests for boots on the ground, border walls in strategic locations with drones and helicopters in the air.

With saying all that, I do not see anything wrong with churches and/or private individuals sending money to clothe, feed, diaper, give medical assistance to the children while they go through processing. That’s less money that we, the tax payers, have to pay — right? Not to mention, if you were sitting in church at this very moment … what would Jesus ask YOU to do? 

Now we all know we need to make some changes. No one, no matter the age, should be allowed to take off with an expectation that same will return promptly for their hearing.  That is straight up delusional. We also need to utilize every single avenue available to secure the border.

What is so comical about it all is the same group of folks that thought I was on the off the cliff far right of things with my support of then Former Solicitor General Ted Cruz are now suggesting I do not get it.  I’m either too Catholic or too RINO.  

So now Louie is a RINO? Cruz?

ROFL. Never a dull moment in the land of the judgmental.


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