TX EDUCATION: Monday July 14 SBOE Meeting and District 9


I am sitting here thinking about Monday’s SBOE meeting.

SBOE Ken Mercer hopes to be able to discuss his proposal for a resolution against the AP U.S. History Exam.

Need some history?

“Common Core David Coleman’s Next Deception: The New AP U. S. History Exam” — By Dr. Susan Berry


Jane Robbins, American Principles Project said:  

The College Board, now led by Common Core “architect” David Coleman, is about to implement a revised Advanced Placement U.S. History course. This course presents a slanted, leftist view of American history that (among other things) doesn’t mention the Founding Fathers and barely mentions the Declaration of Independence. We’ve posted extensive information on this issue here:  http://georgia.stopcommoncore.com/

Now I am not going to be a showboat nor walk an overtly dramatic “everyone rush to Austin for Monday to testify” in a hearing that will literally be a waste of time on this subject.  Why?  Well, I have it on good authority that the Mercer resolution is not expected to be heard due to a missed deadline for Monday’s SBOE meeting.

Where do I stand on this as a District 9 constituent?  I wish to know where SBOE Thomas Ratliff stands on David Coleman’s — Common Core riddled — AP U.S. History Exam.

Will Thomas Ratliff stand with the majority of his district and the Texas Attorney General’s Opinion on the illegality of Common Core in Texas education (TAG Opinion on Common Core) or will he seek to continue to do the


by discussing No Child Left Behind and how a very few Charter schools pay their superintendents a few dollars more than public schools?  If that really was an issue for 16 year Microsoft lobbyist veteran, then would Thomas Ratliff not be concerned about the Dallas superintendent being paid as much as the Governor of our great state?

Where oh where is Thomas Ratliff on Common Core in Texas?  Especially since it’s against the law in our great state yet his daddy, Bill Ratliff is on the “Parents for Public Schools”  advisory board, with Linda Darling Hammond, one of which openly pushes Common Core?

Will SBOE Thomas Ratliff stand with his Wendy Davis donating, Common Core promoting daddy?  Or will he stand with the letter of the law and the heartbeat of his district?







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