Hello Upshur County! (Unredacted letter to the editor)





Well, pooh.  I gather I stepped all over some Gilmer Mirror rules regarding writing a Letter to the Editor.  Newbies, huh?

Here is the full letter submitted to the Gilmer Mirror:




Hello Upshur County!

My family and I, from Longview, have been in Upshur County for a wonderful 6 months. Longtime residents and admirers of north east Texas, we have been blessed to meet some of the sweetest people right here in Upshur County. From the precious lady that assisted us in registering to vote, a Deputy Sheriff, DPS officer, veterinarian, hardware store, best hamburger joint EVER, post office, feed store, timber plan expert, utility folks, neighbors, those at the Upshur County Republican Convention, the 13 other delegates at the Texas Republican Convention in Ft. Worth, etc. To all of you, thank you. Thank you for your warm kindness and acceptance.

While in Gregg County, I worked with Republican Chairman Rothra and the Schwartz’s, We The People – Longview, on various conservative projects. But mostly my goal focused on seeking to amplify Gregg County’s/East Texas’ voice in the political arena.

An early #CruzCrew member, avid fan and blogger for Senator Ted Cruz, etc. and as an East Texas Regional Director for FreedomWorks “Come and Take It” volunteer, I am enthusiastically looking forward to working with our Republican Chairman, as well as like-minded Upshur County Constitutional conservatives, to not only amplify Upshur County’s voice in the political arena but work side-by-side to ensure that our great state remains RED!

Almost 50 years down the road, our family finally made it to Upshur. What’s that saying “better late than never”? It’s good to be home!

Stacy McMahan
Bethlehem, Texas


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. 🙂



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