Paying the Piper

Unworthy Bum

I can’t help but think of the sad story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin each time I see a Ratliff meddling with public education.

Bennett is on the Coppell ISD school board. He also own a construction company, and he wants to be a state representative. He’s also the son of Bill Ratliff, the former Lt. Governor turned lobbyist turned Raise Your Hand Texas schemer. He’s also the brother of Thomas, Austin lobbyist who now sits on the state board of education. I really wish Muckety would make a map of this family similar to the one they made of Charlie Butt, who also mixes it up with RYHT. I almost laughed aloud when I saw Republican on this campaign sign.

“Hey guys! I know what we’ll do to keep people from saying our family is a bunch of liberals! Some of us can be Republicans and some…

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