While reviewing the TAG’s opinion, I found myself going back to page three:

Abbott opinion

It was not the bill author’s intent “to prevent the use of materials where the two standards may overlap.”  “The stated intent of the bill was to prohibit the “outright adoption of national common core standards.”

I fear Texas education remains in the same position it was in last week concerning the utilization of  Common Core materials in our schools.


Janice Van Cleave appears to have reached the same conclusion:

 “The TAG’s opinion doesn’t stop school districts from using materials aligned with the Common Core Standards as long as the material also aligns with the TEKS.”

However, maybe — just maybe — this opinion may aid the parents in Spring Hill ISD?  Spring Hill ISD used a Common Core science lesson plan that, according to Mr. Henry Burke, does not align with the TEKS. [ See back story HERE]

In summary, I still see the responsibility left squarely on the shoulders of Texas parents.  It will be up to them to prove a particular Common Core lesson plan is not TEK aligned.

 ====> TAG Opinion on Common Core <====

Your thoughts?

UPDATE:  Ginger Russell & Kara Sands have also expressed their view that the TAG opinion does nothing to cease the use of Common Core instructional material in our school districts.



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