Texas Education Agency: STAAR Tests Are Accurate #txed

TEA says the STAAR tests are accurate

By:  Janice VanCleave

It is said that if you tell a lie often enough that it is accepted as true.

Even though TEA continues to lie about the STAAR tests being valid, few people believe this.

But, the STAAR/EOC tests are big money makers for Pearson Publishing and ???? The money trail has not been make public YET. Hopefully the Texas State Auditor will make an audit of STAAR as was done on the CSCOPE Instruction materials.The audit report on CSCOPE is found here.

Why did our state representative create HB 5 that put more bite  in TEA’s by making STAAR scores more important than all other student grades.

Fail the STAAR and nothing–ABSOLUTELY NOTHING accomplished during the school year matters.

Students could receive any type of scholastic accomplishments and these honors add up to a big fat zero in comparison the STAAR scores.

In June 2013, our 83rd legislatures changed the education promotion code so that every student failing a STAAR test has to receive re-mediation and this may be done before or after regular school days or in the summer. Students in grades 3 through 8 take STAAR tests.

The education code is 28.021. Ask your representative why this new code was part of  HB5. You can find out how to identify and contact your state representative here.

Find out how you can help improve Texas Education. Women On the Wall is not just for women. Check out the Women on the Wall website for important information, such as discovering What your children are being taught. Parents need to ask their schools —Can I SEE…..? Why is the STAAR test never shown to parents, Yet the STAAR scores trump every student accomplishment?

Since the STAAR tests have been shown to have errors and TEA refuses to admit this, the best thing to do next year is to opt your children out of the STAAR testing.

Students with passing grades can be opted out of the STAAR tests and be promoted to the next grade.  For confirmation of this see what happened to the students in Waco ISD who opted out of the STAAR test.

Waco ISD Students who Opted  Out of the STAAR TEST are Promoted

If students don’t really have to take the STAAR Tests, why are school districts sending honor roll students who fail the STAAR to summer school? Why isn’t the re-mediation given during class after the STAAR testing being counted?

Could it be that school administrators are more interested in government funding than the effect that being labeled a failure is having on children?

In Chilton ISD, a banquet was given for elementary honor roll students. On the same day parents of students that failed a STAAR test were informed that their child would not be promoted unless they attended summer school.

I contend that the weeks of school following the STAAR testing is a time of TEKS re-mediation and assessments.

The chart below shows that students are prepared for a STAAR test during the days preceding the test. This means that students in 4th grade math have about 120 school days to be prepared for the 4th grade STAAR math test. All the 4th grade math TEKS must be presents and students must master these concepts in order to be prepared for the 4th grade STAAR test.

After the test, students return to their 4th grade math class and continue to learn about the  4th grade math TEKS. Since the TEKS have already been taught and students assessed by the STAAR test, students are now being re-mediated. The lessons after the STAAR tests are accelerated lessons, which are required for every student that fails a STAAR test. But, since there are 60 days of school after the STAAR testing, all students receive re-mediation. All students receiving accelerated instructions. Also, during this time of re-mediation, students are assessed over the re-mediated TEKS presented. This is shown by the scores on student report cards for the grading period(s) after the STAAR testing.

Since students are re-mediated for about sixty school days, why are school districts sending all student in grades  3, 4, 6 and 7  to summer school?

Students in the 5th and 8th who fail a STAAR test receive re-mediation separate from other students and are given a STAAR re-test. This is done at the same time that other students are in class receiving accelerated TEKS instruction. Thus, whether students pass or fail the STAAR tests, all receive accelerated TEKS instructions during the days following the STAAR testing.

Could it be that our Texas School Districts are sending students to summer school in order to receive government funding?

Is sending students with passing grades to summer school because they fail a STAAR test a form of child abuse?

Parents must try to explain to their children that passing grades do not matter if you fail the STAAR test.

Do you think the STAAR tests are so important that even honor roll students who fail a STAAR test should go to summer school?

Schedule of TEKS for STAAR








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