Open Letter To The Public From Tea Party Texans Supporting David Dewhurst

Open Letter:

Dear Fellow Texans,

With just days left before Republicans choose their candidate to represent them in the election to maintain our Party’s hold on the lieutenant governor’s office, the conversation about the candidates is degrading into a chaotic cloud of accusations and rancor.

So we are writing to call for civility as we make our case. We honestly believe that David Dewhurst is the CLEAR conservative choice.


All traits that are needed in the position of Lt. Governor.

Feel free to dismiss our opinion since we’re not a coalition of TEA Party leaders with titles and a seat at the table in Austin, nor are we all often seen walking the halls every day of every legislative session. Elected officials and citizens know who we are, because we work to make a difference in our communities. Our opinion matters, we are the worker bees all over Texas.

We are not attempting to speak for everyone, we simply want voters to know the David Dewhurst we know and the reason we chose him. We know he is the better man.

We represent a broad spectrum of conservative Republican voters including Tea Party and grassroots activists. We are regular people: business owners, moms, retirees and others who care deeply about a variety of issues. Because we’re real people with real jobs and families, we believe our fellow Texans share our concerns about our state’s future. In a word, we’re real Texans.

That is why we feel a special connection with David Dewhurst. In every interaction, he has been authentic, honest and straightforward with us. His words match his actions and his record of leadership on issues that matter to Texans like us. We honestly wonder if Texas would be as strong as it currently is if he hadn’t been presiding over the Senate for the past ten years.

For that reason, we wholeheartedly support his re-election and hope our fellow conservative Republicans will join us in keeping Texas on track with David Dewhurst as Lt. Governor.

For Texas,

Robert Gonzalez, Tea Party Activist, Clear Lake Tea Party
Debbie Gregory, Tea Party Activist, Hill County
Dale Huls, Tea Party Activist, Clear Lake Tea Party
Mary Huls, Tea Party Activist, Clear Lake Tea Party
Bobby Keith, Tea Party Activist, Waco
Stacy McMahan, Tea Party Activist, East Texas
Christine Turpin, Tea Party Activist, Lorena
Toby Marie Walker, Tea Party Activist, Waco
Chuck Wilson, Conservative & Business Owner, Waco
Carol Waddell, Tea Party Activist, West
Donna Mick, Republican Activist, Waco
Becky Kodrin, Tea Party Activist, Waco
Rebecca Gregory, Tea Party Activist, Whitney
Helen Quiram, Conservative, Waco
Linda Nulton, Tea Party Activist, San Antonio
Ace Closs, Tea Party & Business Owner, Waco
Capt. Dan Moran, USMC (ret), Conservative Activist
Harry McMahan, Conservative, East Texas
Corbin Eichhorn, Conservative, East Texas
Larry Smith, Conservative Activist, Deep East Texas
TeriLynne Lopez, Conservative Activist Kilgore
Sue Evenwel, Mt. Pleasant
Sarah French, Omaha
Patriot Shar, Tea Party & Conservative Activist, Houston
Bill Rice, Tea Party Activist, San Antonio
Pedro Rivera, Tea Party Activist, Pearland Tea Party
Sue Stringer, Tea Party Activist, Alvin Tea Party
Marvin Tyson, Conservative Activist, Texas City
Suezette Griffin, Tea Party Activist, Pearland Tea Party
Heidi Theiss, Tea Party & Conservative Activist, Clear Lake Tea Party
Betty Traylor, Conservative, Lone Star, Texas
John Traylor, Conservative, Lone Star, Texas
Ginger Russell, Conservative Activist, Deep East Texas
Calvin Russell, Conservative, Deep East Texas
Kyleen Wright, Conservative
Letty LHasbargen, Edinburg
RD Ogg, Tea Party Activist, Katy, Texas
Ray Woods, Tea Party Activist, Hemphill
Becky Boyer, Tea Party Activist, Riesel, Texas
Scott Boyer, Tea Party Activist, Riesel, Texas
Carol Everett
Ryan Boller, Dallas
Alice Linahan, Conservative Activist
Rich DeOtte, Southlake, Texas
Kenneth Depew, Conservative, Houston
Robert Buchanan, Tea Party Activist, Galveston, Texas
Seth Posey
Barbara Dean
Sheri Edwards, Pearland, Texas
Peggy Harris, Conservative Activist, Montgomery County
Laurie Bartlett, Conservative Business Owner
Tammy Blair, Conservative Activist, Smith County
Tracy Miller Shannon, Humble Texas Activist
Charlie Greer, Tea Party Activist
Marty Rhymes, White Oak

*Where group names have been used it is for identification purposes only and does not necessarily reflect an endorsement by that organization.


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