Serious Question to Texas Voters


I have a serious question to ask Texas voters:

Why are some so against Dewhurst pushing the record of his opponent? This is the primary. We are, as voters, asked to vet the candidates, yet we’re not supposed to when it comes to Patrick? Why? Is he THAT sensitive?

Did anyone hear Ted Cruz whine when Patrick called him a liar and attacked him personally during a radio interview? Nope. What about when Dewhurst’s team went after him? Heck no! Ted dealt with the facts and — like Dewhurst is doing now — pushed his opponents record.

Everyone can criticize Reid for not calling Cruz’s stuff to the floor, yet we PURPOSELY want to put Patrick in to do the exact same thing? Against Senators WE THE PEOPLE hire?

Honestly, Patrick has been treated very carefully. It could be so much worse. But if anyone thinks the Democrats are going to be gentle to Dan, if he wins, is (respectfully) delusional.


2 thoughts on “Serious Question to Texas Voters

  1. Stace, There has been much negative info out there on both candidates, Dewhurst and Patrick, and it is hard to tell if there is a good guy in there, or is it selecting the least bad. Are there any candidate forums or debates you can point me to?
    At first I heard that Patrick was good because of him pushing to get rid of CSCOPE. Then I heard that it didn’t do what it should, like hitting a cancer and causing it to go malignant. Then I saw some of the ads that made Patrick look like Satan incarnate. I have also seen many negative comments about Dewhurst, supposedly based on his past performance, but it is hard to get to the truth. Your mention of Cruz are helpful, I have more trust in him than any other politician.

    • I know what you mean. I too counted on Patrick to have our backs on ending Cscope. Not only was he not prepared for the Cscope debate with Thomas Ratliff, State Board of Education member, but he sought to kill his signature bill SB 1406. Ratliff was prepared with examples of revised lesson plans via his drop box. Patrick, though some lesson plans were e-mailed to his attention prior to the debate, showed up with nothing and he said he had not reviewed the lesson plans. What? He’s the Education Chair that sought to debate over Cscope? The anti-Cscope movement was given a black eye for not being serious and despite what Patrick said about Cscope being dead, the lesson plans are online for anyone to use now.

      Here is a debate Monday, May 5: and another two days later:

      A lot of what Patrick is saying now about Dewhurst, two years ago, he said were all lies. Here is one link from his Patrick’s facebook page:

      I hope this helps.

      Too, if you’re on Twitter, my handle is @StaceinTexas. I hope we can follow one another.


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