Paxton and Non-Profit Filings


I have received several phone calls about Dan Branch’s ad and said I would post Ken Paxton’s official statement regarding the matter.

The following is Paxton’s official statement from earlier this month:

“Less than two weeks ago the Texas Tribune asked good questions about Senator Paxton’s service on non-profits including organizations benefiting abused women and children, Christian-based ministries and notice filings to a state board.  As the Tribune covered, the campaign immediately amended our filings to include our service on those non-profit boards.  We took immediate action and pro-actively communicated the Texas Tribune’s questions to the state board.   We asked the board to treat us like every other citizen of the state and that they take all necessary time to review our filings.  Due to an administrative oversight, we have paid an administrative fine of $1,000.  We are pleased this matter has been resolved and a speedy resolution has been reached.”

Dan Branch is a thug who wants to criminalize Ken Paxton for trying to help people who need help: battered women and children, Alzheimer’s patients, children who need the Gospel.  Due to an administrative oversight, Ken Paxton didn’t list every single charity on a form.  Dan Branch wants you to pay attention to anything other than his record, so he and his team are embellishing the facts to distract you.  People don’t get an “administrative fine” for a serious crime.  Ken Paxton took the issue, corrected it, and is bringing in new endorsements, running radio and tv ads, and attending multiple events a day.

Oh and let’s not forget that Branch is a union lobbyist and Straus lackey.  Branch is not right for Texas.  It’s just that simple.



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