Magnolia School Board Candidate Attacked for Combating Common Core?



Meet Ginger Russell candidate for Magnolia ISD Position 4.

Ginger pic

Russell is challenging Incumbent Kristi Baker.

Russell has been very active in combating controversial curriculums like Common Core and CSCOPE in Texas education.

Russell’s mother, Janice VanCleave, is also well known throughout Texas for being one of the original Cscope whistleblowers.

Cscope, informally known as the step-child to Common Core, sought a rebranding of sort following Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s, and others, call for an audit (audit pending) of the highly controversial curriculum. Today, Cscope is referred to as TEKS Resource System.

Last summer, Texas outlawed Common Core ‘standards’ via HB 462.

To those paying heavy attention to Texas education, Russell’s list of endorsements is quite IMPRESSIVE.  Folks like Representative Steve Toth, Texas Eagle Forum Cathie Adams, State Board of Education Ken Mercer, and CWA Texas Director Michelle Smith.

Why is Russell running for Magnolia ISD School Board?  Ask her and you will hear:

ginger goals


On May 5, in a radio interview with Matt Patrick, Russell said,

“Our school district is failing. We’re in the 30th percentile. They keep promoting that 99% of our kids pass the Algebra II test, but they don’t say they had to make a 38 on the test to pass…they have just lowered the standards so far down…our kids are failing.”  Read more.

Russell has repeatedly backed up the above comment with the following:


What is concerning is some of Russell’s opponents supporters appear to disagree with Russell’s goals for Magnolia ISD.

Meet Leslie Sullivan, a local Realtor with less than 400 Twitter followers.  Sullivan suggests Russell’s positive goals for the teachers, students and parents of Magnolia ISD are political.




I would ask Sullivan to prove Russell’s STARR testing information incorrect.  Once Sullivan does her homework, I bet she will find Russell isn’t the one stooping.

Russell comments on her facebook page and is hit with tea party hating comments such as the following:
teaparty attack

Why are some so threatened by folks that are supported by a tea party?

I know Russell.  I have seen her address some serious concerns within Texas education.  And each time, Russell has with her references to back up her position.

Contrary to what tea party hating Thomas Ratliff spews on Twitter, not once have I seen Russell, or any other participant – tea party or not – walk in wearing a tin foil hat or an ”Obama must go’ t-shirt.  Which brings me to ask… why all the hate?

May 10th is election day.  Hopefully those in the Magnolia ISD district will vote and have their voice heard.








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