Wussification in the Run Off?


View Postman-up-21678178My rant:

Since when did Texas become so wussified?

When the Cruz campaign pointed out the truth, in the senate race of 2012, I don’t recall hearing Dewhurst’s camp whine this much or attempt to paint the narrative that it was ‘a smoke screen’, ‘purposeful distraction’, ‘he can’t stand on his record’, etc.

I sure didn’t hear Ted Cruz cry about Dan Patrick calling him a liar and verbally attacking him during a radio interview.

I agree with Rush & Levin: it’s not mud-slinging when it’s true!

Do you think the Democrats are going to treat the over sensitive Patrick campaign with the same kit gloves some of those in his camp are downright demanding?

This is TEXAS. Man up! Pull those big girl panties up! Stop the candidate worship! They are POLITICIANS, folks. Remember?!

The reality is: Dan Patrick did seek a gas and state tax hike, filed bankruptcy, changed his name, hired illegals, solidified Cscope’s placement in our schools, and made several distasteful comments about women. Oh, and the one my mom’s political group finds utterly distasteful: Patrick had a vasectomy L-I-V-E on the radio.

This is information many voters care about.

Don’t even let them try to fool you.  If Dewhurst had done any of the same  things, Patrick’s campaign would be crowing from the top steps of the capitol.

This ‘don’t be so mean to my candidate’ stance is immature. This is politics not pee wee football.

So instead of whining and attacking those who are putting the information out, why don’t you look to your candidate for creating the problems in the first place.


But then again… I could just be cranky.



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