Stacy McMahan: Why I stand with David Dewhurst #txlege


The Lt Governor race is a very important race indeed.During the U.S. Senate race, I stood proudly for Senator Cruz. Cruz was the right man for the job.

In the Lt. Governor race, I proudly stand behind David Dewhurst. Dewhurst is the right man for the job.

I have been involved in Texas education and had a few telephone conversations with Dan Patrick. Even had dinner with him, Mr. Paxton and others following the Cscope debate, etc. Though a nice man, Patrick appears to be someone seeking higher office and will say or do anything to get there.

I’ll give you some examples.

Patrick told me that he did not try to kill his signature bill SB 1406. He did! All of this was for him to be able to announce that the TESCCC, originators of Cscope, would no longer be in the lesson plan business. (That backfired in a big way.)

The Cscope debate? After several moms across Texas sent him Cscope lesson plans for him to prepare, etc., Patrick announced at the debate that he had not reviewed the lesson plans. Why do a debate if one had not reviewed the lesson plans? (This guy is our Education Chair?)

Too, Patrick was asked, as Education Chair, to request an opinion of the Texas Attorney General on HB 462; banning Common Core. Patrick knows the bill only bans Common Core standards. Patrick has in his possession a Common Core lesson plan, utilized in the Spring Hill ISD, that clearly does not adhere to our TEKS though he never mentioned it in his letter to the TAG — nothing.

Now about David Dewhurst. Granted he is an incumbent. He’s been Lt. Gov since 2003. A staunch supporter of life, Dewhurst has pushed legislation such as the anti abortion bill, voter id, protected drivers licenses, been tough on immigration, protected our border, balanced our budget, lowered taxes, fought Obamacare in Texas, etc.

On education, Dewhurst has reviewed the Cscope lesson plans and has grave concerns. Our SBOE chair Barbara Cargill can attest to that. Dewhurst is also working on a website for parents and teachers to report biased or concerning lesson plans (I have personal confirmation of this.) Dewhurst has been in close contact with Michael Williams of our TEA. Dewhurst even contacted a superintendent, Wes Jones, of Spring Hill ISD in hopes to get Mr. Jones to adhere to SB 1406 and have a public meeting on curriculum. (Jones did not adhere to the Lt. Gov’s nor the parents in the district request and has since had his contract bought out and is leaving SHISD.)

I can personally attest that I know David Dewhurst is listening to the will of Texas and I believe he is the right man for the job!

by Stace inTexas aka Stacy McMahan



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