Who is Bob Deuell?


Our 2014 primary left Texas with a few runoff’s across the state. One particular runoff is in Senate District 2.

Senate District 2 serves all of Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Rockwall and Van Zandt counties, and portions of Dallas and Smith counties. District 2’s Senator is Robert “Bob” Deuell.

In office for the last eleven years, Deuell is in a runoff with veteran Bob Hall of Canton.

Following a review of Deuell’s record, I am left with several questions.

Does Deuell embrace the liberal stance that ‘the state knows better than you’? Why do I ask? Deuell authored SB 303 which would have given hospitals unlimited power to end the lives of patients, in their facilities, without permission or knowledge of the patient or their family.

Deuell also voted for SB 592. SB 592 would have allowed teenagers access to prescription contraceptives without parental consent.

I can’t help but wonder how on earth Deuell found removing a patient’s right to life and trampling on parental rights as conservative.

Does Deuell believe in stifling political speech? It would appear so for he sided with Democrats and voted for SB 346 and HB 1422. These two bills sought to require voters to register as lobbyists before being allowed to speak with their elected officials. (Labor unions were specifically exempted of course.)

Fiscally, Deuell’s positions are quite concerning. Deuell told the Texas Tribune that he felt legislators should look to the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget. Deuell also sought to expand pre-k from a half-day to a full-day at a cost to tax payers of $450 million by 2014. Further Deuell supported toll-road legislation that would cost tax payers billions and still today advocates for a gasoline tax increase.

Any wonder Empower Texans gave Deuell a score of 53.1?

Two more issues that definitely run far from the conservative needle are Deuell’s vote in favor of SB 16 and his support for Speaker Joe Straus.

Deuell was a YES vote for SB 16. Had it passed, SB 16 would have required Texas’s Natural Resource Conservation Commission, the Railroad Commission, and the Public Utilities Commission to participate in “developing federal greenhouse gas reporting requirements” and would have included “a greenhouse gas registry.”

Nothing smells conservative like supporting the climate change myth.  (Not)

And finally, earlier this month, The Forney Post reported that Deuell had accompanied Straus to an event for the Former Representative Lance Gooden. Deuell, the first to speak to the crowd stated, “I’m your Senator. I’m a physician in Greenville. I’m a big Speaker Straus fan. I’m a big Lance Gooden fan and that’s why I am here.”


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